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When you notice your roof is in need of repair it is a good idea to have the work done as soon as possible to prevent further damage. This will probably mean you need to find yourself a good roofing contractor, not one with little experience or skill who leave you with more problems that you started off with. If you need a good roofing company here are five pointers to help guide you in selecting the right one.

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Hiring A Roofing Contractor – 5 Things To Consider

  1. Make sure the contractor’s company is insured, licensed and bonded. The license is evidence of the roofer’s knowledge and that it is formal knowledge. A bonded company will mean if any employee steals from you, you will be compensated. The insurance means if there is personal injury or property damage during the work you will be compensated. To check for a license contact the licensing bureau in your state. Talk to a bonding agent to check the company is bonded and contact their insurer and ask for a policy number for the insurance. If a contractor is reluctant or cannot show you proof about any of these you should not hire them.
  2. Never pay in full up front. A good company should not ask or expect full payment up front. If they ask that they are probably going to just take the money and go, or are trying to use your money to finish another job. Regardless, you should not agree to this as there is no motivation for them to complete the job well and on time.
  3. Hire a roofing contractor that can give local references. This way you can see the work they have done and you know they are a legitimate company working in the area. If they can only offer out of town references this is suspicious.
  4. Hire a company when they have an actual business location. Some roofers will drive from one town to another leaving behind them unfinished or shoddy work and taking the money. They do not have a physical business location as a result. A contractor that is well-established and doing well should have a physical location you can check out.
  5. Choose a contractor who understands and has experience with your roofing. Many roofing companies specialize in different types of roofing but will take jobs for roofs that are not ones they are familiar with. The installation for different roofs can change so you want a company who can install, repair or maintain the one you have.


roofing contractorFinding yourself a good roofing company is not always easy as there are many disreputable companies out there to weed out. Before you hire a roofer do your homework and evaluate each option. While it may make the process a little longer and more involved for you this is far better than having a roof left that needs repairs made to the repairs already supposedly made, having to hire another contractor to take care of it and spending more money.

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