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Gable Roof

For a classic roof you cannot get much better than the Gable. You have a triangular arch with two slopes that lead from the ridge at the top straight down to the eaves. There is the classic front gable look or the side gable look, though trending in popularity amongst other home owners at the moment is the cross gable roof. Whichever you prefer here are some things to consider when creating a Gable roof.

Creating Gable roof

There is no doubt the gable roof is a beautiful look for a house, giving it a charming rustic style and making the house feel like a traditional home. It is quite importantly also a very good roof that functions well to protect your home from the elements and gives you more space in the home. Many people with a gable roof will turn the attic space it creates into large luxurious bedrooms, but you could also easily turn it into something else like a game room, or a family room. The gable roof thankfully is an easy one to put together too so here are some pointers on what to do if this sounds like the roof for you.

Modern Gable Roof

Creating a Gable Roof

  1. For a simple gable roof consider the engineered type truss roof system. Look for a local roof truss manufacturer who can discuss with you about what you need to carry out this project. It is a system that is one of the best for people who want to assemble it themselves.
  2. The two roof rafters should always be the first things you cut so you have a chance to check and then re-check measurements. Once they are cut put them together temporarily to check their length before you make a firmer commitment!
  3. Have plans to follow and make sure you lay those roof rafters however the plans specify. For example if it says to have 16 inch on center rafter layout, then make sure your measurements exactly match that on your rafters on center otherwise later on the plywood sheeting for the roof is going to be very problematic.
  4. Remember you are going to need to be walking on your roof. If you have a roof pitch stepper than 5 and 12 or a slope of more than 22 degrees this is going to cause problems. One way to get round that is to put in temporary 2 x 4s set about 48 inches away from each other so that you have something you can hold on to as you work in case you slip.
  5. When you get to the point you are installing the roof sheeting it is important to take the time to clear off any sawdust on top of it. If you leave saw dust there it makes the plywood slippery. A great trick to clear off the sawdust quickly and with less effort is to use a garden blower to blow it off!

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