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Interested in becoming a Cloud Architect?

For anyone looking into possible careers in Information Technology cloud computing is sure to have come up. It has become one of the most important of innovations in the industry in recent years and means the job of IT professional is no longer as it once was. It also means there are now new opportunities such as becoming a cloud architect. Here you can find out exactly what a cloud architect is, what some of your duties would be, salary and your career outlook.


Cloud Architect Job Description

Essentially a cloud architect is a professional who is an expert in computer science and uses their skills within a company or organization to help them plan for the secure, efficient and profitable use of cloud platforms. Your job is not to actually build that platform or cloud environment but to work within an already constructed cloud to help your firm better achieve their goals. It is usually quite a senior position within the company and will entail some staff management and setting information technology targets to achieve the best results for yourself and your employer.

Traditionally an architect is a person who draws out plans a blueprints for builders to build a structure be it a house, office building, monument and so on. But in Information Technology a Cloud architect is completely different. A specialist creates the cloud networks and an architect works with their employers to effectively use and manage them. Cloud networks are usually a secure place for companies to store data, but it is important that efficiency is not chosen over security so more sensitive documents should not be stored where clouds can be penetrated easily. This could lead to a loss in revenue, information being lost and more.

What is a cloud network?

A cloud network is hard to define in layman’s terms without falling into the use of computer jargon and because of their adaptable nature. Basically a cloud network though is a place where a very large amount of information can be stored remotely. It is an efficient way of storing data. They could exists within a network, can be web based or not, and can be accessed by only those who have been approved to do so. Usually you will find that while a cloud is anchored to a certain server the data it holds can be located on the net. The net is a place of limitless storage capacity so it is an attractive place for organizations and companies to share and store information systems and major files.

Cloud Architect Duties

As a cloud architect you would help manage the structure of a cloud network and maintain its functional integrity. Things you might do include;

  • Perform penetration tests
  • Run network diagnostics on a regular basis
  • Stay ahead of threats to your network
  • Help your company use the network efficiently to achieve its goals
  • Be innovative
  • Improve efficiency
  • Create new access points
  • Help with corporate expansions
  • Liaise between network support personnel and the company’s executives


To carry out this job you need to have the following qualities and skills;

  • Experience in network administration
  • Cloud computing expertise
  • Certification in cloud computing
  • Attendance to training programs related to cloud computing
  • An IT degree

There are several options for obtaining certification or training in cloud computing. IBM has two options one focuses more on cloud computing infrastructure and the other on architecture. There is also the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert training, the Certified Cloud Technology Professional, or Google Apps certification. Each is slightly different leaning towards different areas so know where you want your career to lead so you can choose training that can better serve you. A Master’s degree also of course would not hurt your application along with any programming, development and Python skills.

cloud architect salaryCloud Architect Salary

Your yearly income will depend on your experience and where you work but you can look to the average salary of $100,000 as a guide. This is one of the higher end incomes for people getting a career in Information Technology. This is an area that is in huge demand – by 2015 Forbes says there will be as many as seven million cloud computing jobs available around the globe and demand will continue to increase after that. This means the average wage will also increase.

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